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New Online Market for those wanting to order local produce in Central Lake County Florida. Leading the charge is Aleece Landis of Aquaponic Lynx LLC.
Aquaponic Lynx LLC grows vegetables and fish Aquaponically.

We are currently seeking additional growers and customers, please feel free to sign up for an account. Fees for growers is 10% of total sales to cover costs of operating the market. Fees for customers is only $25 for the year per household and you can make your first two purchases as a trial before paying the fee.

Right now the drop off and pick up location will be
8748 Guava St
Yalaha, FL 34797
But this may change if other farms in the area want to host the drop off/pick up day/s. You can reach me by phone/text at 407-342-8515

Ordering window from Monday afternoon through Thursday 8pm and pick up will be on Saturday Morning. Farms would bring their orders to the drop off on Friday afternoon. I am open to changing this schedule to meet the needs of the majority of people who participate. Please feel free to share your suggestions with me.

Last update 02/27/2017

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December 14-17 Market Ordering Open

Market schedule is changing slightly to allow ordering to start on Monday Evening. This will give the Customers first crack at the inventory (a couple of the farms are listing on more than one site, one of which opens on Tuesday mid morning where many of the products with limited availability get snapped up immediately.) Since we are still small out here in Yalaha, I want to make sure our locals get a fair chance at the most local foods.

Week Dec 8-12

Market Open for ordering Tuesday 8 am till Thursday 8 pm.
Pickup on Saturday Dec 12, Please contact us about what time you wish to pick up so we can be ready for you.

Dec 1-5 2015

Market Open This week.

Thanksgiving week 2015

Not really opening the market this week as I only really have Kale and Celery and a few other things to offer.

If anyone really wants to order or pick something up, please contact us and we can make arrangements for you this week but otherwise we plan to be back on the normal schedule Starting Dec 1, 2015

Market Ordering Nov 17-19 for Sat Pick up

Market open

Ordering Nov 10-12 for Sat 14 pickup

Ordering now open new products available

Ordering Nov 6-8 for Sat 10 pickup

Ordering window now open.

Oct 27-31

Happy Halloween
Ordering open Tues Oct 27 to Thurs Oct 29 for Sat Oct 31 pickup

Oct 20-22 Ordering For Oct 24 Pickup

Market is open for ordering.

Oct 13-15 ordering Open

Finally more wonderful cooler nights to help the crops grow.
More products available every week.