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New Online Market for those wanting to order local produce in Central Lake County Florida. Leading the charge is Aleece Landis of Aquaponic Lynx LLC.
Aquaponic Lynx LLC grows vegetables and fish Aquaponically.

We are currently seeking additional growers and customers, please feel free to sign up for an account. Fees for growers is 10% of total sales to cover costs of operating the market. Fees for customers is only $25 for the year per household and you can make your first two purchases as a trial before paying the fee.

Right now the drop off and pick up location will be
8748 Guava St
Yalaha, FL 34797
But this may change if other farms in the area want to host the drop off/pick up day/s. You can reach me by phone/text at 407-342-8515

Ordering window from Monday afternoon through Thursday 8pm and pick up will be on Saturday Morning. Farms would bring their orders to the drop off on Friday afternoon. I am open to changing this schedule to meet the needs of the majority of people who participate. Please feel free to share your suggestions with me.

Last update 02/27/2017

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Sorry I haven't been consistent

September has been so Freaking HOT this year. I had been hoping for an early cool down this season so that we could get the fall crops coming early. Sigh.
Anyway, I’m not going to open the Market this week or next but Send me a message if you really want something.
What I have in ample supply includes;
Weeds (they come with a bonus, pull them yourself.)
Sunflower Shoots


Anyway, as I said, if you want anything we actually have at this time just send me a message (Next year I might have to take all of September off.)